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If you are looking at this site and not a CHAOS member you are

  • Looking for a new guild
  • Heard about this community from a gaming acquaintance
  • Just lurking and checking things out
  • Looking for information about an established guild/community of decent online people. (Since May 2005)
  • Keeping yourself updated with the current CHAOS information 

It doesn't matter why you are here, you ARE! CHAOS has much to offer the adult gamer. We have players of every level in multiple platforms.  While we started out a World of Warcraft guild, we have truly grown into a community of players, friends and ePeen junkies. Most of our players have max level characters in what they play and many times…few of them. Player versus Player, MMORPG, or Minecraft tinkering, we have a large group of people that certainly love to kick some online arse (P.S. we hate gnomes). Whether it is grouping up with guild members in the Battlegrounds or Arena Matches, or chat while soloing in Diablo III, we use a Ventrilo server for raiding, listening to tunes and also just everyday chat. Our ages range from a very few younger (but mature) members to the over 50 section of us. I would say that most of CHAOS falls in its mid 20's and early 30's. While we prefer 18+ when applying we don't have a set age limit but we do expect some maturity.

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