CHAOS was, formed May 1, 2005 as a causal raiding guild on Skywall. We are made up of all sorts of players who have made it to endgame – but for some reason can’t play 24/7. Moms, Dads, Full time workers, Full time parents, students whose priorities are not to down the Newest Raid Instance in 2 weeks. Our ideals and preferences are posted elsewhere – this is our constitution to keep our guild organization solid and clarify to those who want to know how we operate.

CHAOS is currently constructed with the following Leadership Positions and Responsibilities:

  1. Guild Master: or Big Cheese – The Big Cheese – enough said. Elected by either a 2/3 vote of the council, or by default (if all other officers leave)
  2. The Council: The official leadership of the guild – New Officers are elected by the council or if there is an opening, applications may be submitted by current members and the officers will vote on them and elect the new council member. Most of the time, officers are drafted, not recruited.
  3. Old Blood: Those who have been part of the C H A O S family for a long time, may have been officers in the past, but they are C H A O S through and through.
  4. Raid Leader: Currently leading active groups within the guild
  5. Ambassador: Not officers, but are able to recruit new members into the guild. Helps with orienting new guild members to our family
  6. Rostered Toon: Priority Raiding Force
  7. Free Agent: Member Status – lvl 100. Must be able to log into Ventrilo and at least hear what’s being said. No other obligations. Eligible for recruiting needs of established groups
  8. Member: lvl 100, been active in guild at least a month without incident.
  9. Recruit: sub lvl 100 aka Altsville, but at the discretion of Council. Longstanding Members may bring in sub lvl 100 alts at Member status. Newer members may have their alts brought in as Recruits; this will be on a case-by-case basis. Recruits who bring in alts will always be at Recruit level, until the original Recruit is promoted, then the appropriate level alts may be promoted, too.
  10. Fooking Ook: cannot talk in /g guild chat. Usually because you said something or did something. Talk to an officer about getting back into your previous guild rank. Reasons you may find yourself in this rank:
    1. Creating Drama
    2. Spam
    3. Bickering
    4. Being Annoying
    5. Begging.
      If you want to do any of the previous – do it in somewhere else.
  11. Recruit: new member. To be promoted you must do the following
    1. Be lvl 100 or higher
    2. Be in the guild for over 1 month
    3. Register on the forums     

CHAOS is led by a Guild Master and a system of 3 Councils (The Council, Raid Ministry and Old Bloods) made up of the Council Members, Raid Leaders, and Old Bloods. Council members, Raid Leaders, and Old Bloods are expected to act in the guild's best interest and maintain our ideals that this is a game.

Guild Master: The (1) Guild Master leader does not sit on any council, but is expected to pay attention to all.

  • (S)He may veto council decisions which are not unanimous.
  • May over turn any non-unanimous council decision.
  • Deals with Blizzard representatives in or out of game.
  • Has authority to act in the absence of a council majority.
  • Has the right to veto the promotion of any member to Council Member.
  • Handles any drama that flares up from outside the guild.

1. The Council: The Council Members Plan, Manage and maintain an active role in all of the below.

  • Handles the player disputes (non-loot).
  • Determines and assigns disciplinary actions.
  • Handles negative public relations, complaints against guild mates from non-guild members.
  • G-Invites and /G-Kicks appropriately to maintain guild atmosphere
  • Regulates everyday operation and moral and maintenance
  • Governs non-raiding activities – i.e., lower level instances and assistance
  • Defines the recruitment/application process & recruits new members below lvl 50.
  • Helps manage guild outside of game – web site, Ventrilo, Facebook, etc..
  • Manages Guild Bank
  • Balances guild size and class distribution.

2. Raid Ministry: Are the Primary Raid planners raiding consists of PVE or PVP play.

  • Determines overflow policy for raids.
  • Determines raid scheduling and location.
  • Determines the requirements for and chooses raid leaders.
  • Researches new raid zones, writing up strategies and making resist/gear suggestions.
  • In charge of recruitment needs for their group with all applicants subject to approval of the CHAOS application policy. 
  • Handles loot disputes
  • Determines and presents the loot policies for all instances.
  • Researches new drops, including faction related drops/recipes.
  • Assigns recipes.
  • Assigns items crafted out of guild resources.
  • Determines which drops are guild resources.

3. Old Blood: Of all those people who went before to prepare the way for us, done hours of questing, sharing knowledge and helping you out, spent hours of farming materials for donations, running instances so many times you have lost count, sending items when they know you would benefit rather then putting them on the AH, bowing out of raids or runs with a smile and sticking around to cheer CHAOS on, these people will not ask us to pay them back. But what they do ask of us is to pay it forward.

-– that we --CHAOS-- become a better place for those who come after.

he Old Blood is not a rank achieved by purely time or attendance - but is a title achieved through the cooperation, competition and team-first attitude of the original CHAOS raiders. 80g repair bills are not seen as an expense - but lessons learned in the name of the next boss on farm. Donations to the guild bank are not seen as an obligation or taxes - but as what needs to be done to help us move forward and is done gladly. Old Bloods think guild first, themselves second. (at least that's what we hope)

CHAOS Banking

Like any organization you need money and things to move ahead. The Council fully supports financially benefiting from the Auction House for the betterment of the Guild. These funds go to support guild events and raiding repairs to name a few. The CHAOS bank is fully setup with all tabs an is currently showing over 40K gold. 

  1. If you can see it - take what you need, but need what you take.
  2. If you can repair it - repair, but treat the bank as your own
  3. If you don't need it but know it's a pain to get - deposit it
  4. If you can't take any more....wait until tomorrow
  5. If you give more than take - you will never be questioned
  6. If Toolban replies "Ni Haio" - report me to a GM, cause I'm the only one that can clean the bank out.

Council Members: Are elected by a 2/3 vote among the current Council Members. Member names may be brought to vote only if there is an opening on a council, and must be sponsored by a current Council Member but can be demoted with a vote or by GM.

  1. Council Members can be demoted.
    1. When they choose to step down.
    2. If A 2/3 vote of the current Council Members asks for their removal.
    3. At the Guild Leader's discretion
      1. Can be overturned by 100% vote of The Council
  2. Council Members may be suspended or muted:
    1. By a majority of the available Council.
    2. At the Guild Leader's discretion
    3. Can be overturned by 100% vote of The Council
  3. Council decisions are made by a present majority vote. The guild leader can overturn or amend any decision that is not unanimous. Any unanimous council vote is final.
  4. Each Council is definitive and absolute in their area of authority.
  5. Council decisions are presented to the guild by a representative chosen from their council either verbally (in the case of things such as raid targets and some raid strategies) or in written form (in the case of DKP and recruitment decisions). Councils are responsible for the distribution of information regarding their policies and decisions.

Guild Etiquette

This section is dedicated to how CHAOS runs, operates, and is managed by it’s council. This keeps us striving for improvements and a guild that we can all be proud of. We are very approachable open and look forward to any suggestions you may have.

Everyone must register on CHAOS web site. 

Here are some words to play by:

  1. You must actively review the web site
  2. Your guild comes first, think of us as friends family, treat each other with respect
  3. No Drama. We're working on a happy content guild, if you bring drama you will be asked to leave
  4. While we don’t mind helping guild members in groups and instances, in no way are we a power leveling guild. Please don’t expect to come into the guild and be power leveled to 100, or handed a bunch of items
  5. Constant begging for items or groups will not be tolerated
  6. Extended Leave, is permitted we do not hold people hostage for attendance we require a simple message/email informing an officer you will be gone for a set amount of time this will prevent you from being removed after 2 months of inactivity.

CHAOS Will not Tolerate

  1. Begging for items or money Spamming for groups in guild chat
  2. Harassment: Spam, sexual, violence or any other type of harassment is unacceptable. CHAOS officers will /gkick first and ask questions later
  3. Ninja Looting
  4. Having your reputation with Skywall tainted to the point it makes CHAOS look bad
  5. Whining and complaining
  6. If you leave the guild, good luck to you in the future, we wish you well, no more coming and going
  8. Applying to other guilds while wearing a guild tabard – you want to go somewhere else, that’s fine – we wish you good luck, just leave CHAOS first.
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